Africa’s first Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Brand – individual ice creams made to order in sixty seconds, using fresh ingredients and subzero Liquid Nitrogen. Specialising in parties, weddings and corporate events


How It Works?


1. Let us know how many guests you would like to cater for at your event. (pricing is based per head)

2. Choose your flavour / flavours and toppings on page 3 of our company profile pdf. (It can be downloaded via the link further down on this page)

3. We come to your event, launch, wedding or party with our trained Brrr-istas and custom bar to create ice cream magic.

4. It takes us less than 60 seconds to make actual ice cream. What does this mean you ask? Not only does it look cool. It tastes amazing because every ice cream is freshly made.




Scientifically known as LN2. Liquid nitrogen is safe to consume – when added to our secret ice cream ingredients. It is also not harmful to the environment and our trained team members take extra care when working with and transporting the LN2.

Includes - Services & Our Flavours