About Us

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

Ernestine Ulmer”

Tasty Chemistry

Bespoke to order in 60 seconds

Thanks to a cool -196 degree liquid nitrogen and secret recipe, we are able to create ice cream brilliance. Silky smooth, creamy and a flavour that is out of this world.



and counting!

Est. 2014

Our Story

The Journey. 

Established in 2014, the N2 Ice Cream brand was born out of the love for ice cream. The idea sparked after a few years of traveling throughout Europe and tasting some of the finest scoops that the top ice cream connoisseurs had to offer.

Immediately, the founders knew that they needed to bring a new flair and bespoke experience to South Africa that could spark joy with every single scoop.

Years later – coupled with creative flair and rigorous recipe refinement, it’s not hard to see why South Africa can’t get enough!  

The Taste.

Unrivalled, bespoke, creamy, smooth, unbelievable. These are just some of the words that people use to describe a scoop of the N2 Ice Cream experience. Thanks to our secret recipes and a blasting of the -196 degree liquid nitrogen agent, we are able to create beautiful ice cream chemistry before you very eyes in just 60 seconds (don’t worry it’s super safe!).

We offer a wide variety of signature flavours for you to choose from as well as a the option to create a custom flavour for your event too! There is no creative limit for the N2 Ice Cream team. 

Our Future

Growing Fast

With innovative recipes, passionate and highly trained staff the future of the N2 Ice Cream empire is bright.






customers and counting!

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