The periodic table has never been this much fun. You can be as traditional or as alternative as you like with our simple, easy and fun menu. Most important for you to know: It's all additive free, preservative free, emulsifier free and we only use fresh ingredients. For those on a low carb or low sugar diet, we have delicious chocolate and vanilla banting ice cream. Even more important, you can build a customised, just-right-for-you ice cream. You can mix and match, our staff will gladly blast away to get it just the way you like it.

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STEP 1: Pick your size: Small, Regular or Large

STEP 2: Choose a base (the basic flavour your ice cream will have)
You get to choose between Vanilla and Chocolate. We also have Banting options in both flavours.

STEP 3:This is where you can have fun! Add Naartjie as a mix in, or go for Chocolaty Nutella. For a more tropical experience, take Pina Colada. From Peanut Butter to Rum and Rainsin (tp), Toblerone to Peppermint Crisp - we’ve got your tastebuds covered to name but a few... For Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream rookies - ask our qualified staff to assist.

STEP 4:Add some texture on top. Crunchy Nuts, or crushed Oreos. Smarties, Astros or Rainbow sprinkles for little tummies. Flake for traditionalists or hot Bar One sauce dripping delightfully as you spoon. If you can dream it, we can make it!